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We provide a full-day supply, from 07:30 to 17:30 every day. Children should arrive by 9:00 and they can be taken home just after having lunch or after sleeping. Daily routine: 7.30-9.00: welcoming kids/free activity, 9.00-9.30: breakfast, 9.30-12.00: special actvity, playtime indoors or outdoors, 12.00-12.30: lunchtime, 12.30-15.00: naptime, 15.00-15.30. afternoon snack, 15.30-17.00: free activity, optional activities, welcoming parents.


Our pedagogues are fully-trained kindergarten/nursery teachers with high level German or English commands. Both in English and German speaking kindergarten groups teachers hold an advanced level language certificate. They participate at language workshops and post graduate courses regularly. Beyond the normal qualification requirements we expect of our staff extra open-mindedness, flexibility, patience, empathy, cultured behaviour. Our staff is characterised by an attitude of acceptance, happiness, friendliness, children centricity. The work of our teachers is helped by a speech therapist, a children’s psychologist while the foreign language education is supervised by a methodology adviser. The children receive regular medical and dental check-ups.


Habakukk operates at two sites in the II. district, next to the Millenáris Park on the Marczibányi square and in the Felvinci street running into the square, it is a nice area and the air is good as well. The kindergarten on the Marczibányi square operates on the 280 m2 large ground floor of a monument-like building. This part of the building has been served as an institute for children for almost 50 years, previously it served as an infants’ nursery. The institution is surrounded with a large garden, created for children. The other building in the Felvinci street is a 3 florey, independent house with a garden, which has been completely renewed by our Foundation. Habakukk provides quality material conditions, aesthetic, exciting environment for education and care. One of our top priorities is the education in our native tongue for the children, endearing tales, poems and books to them. We have created a Hungarian kid’s library for our kindergarten children, both for “reading” on the premises and for renting books. The library which was opened in April 2003 in our Felvinci street building, now consists of  550 volumes. Children get delicious foods 4 times a day, which meet the requirements of modern catering. Children are taken to excursions, to puppet theatre, museum by our Mercedes Sprinter bus.


The Kindergarten has an operating licence issued by the V. District Office of the Government Office of the Budapest Capital and the Nursery by the Social and Guardianship Office of the Government Office of the Budapest Capital.

The kindergarten and the nursery is operated by the Foundation „HABAKUKK for the children”, registered in 1991 by the Main Court. Our costs of operation are covered partly by state support, partly by supports of private persons or companies.