Nursary Budapest Kinderkrippe Kindergarten Budapest
  • (+36) 30 95 88 629


WE WELCOME children from 18 month to our nursery and children from the age of 3 to our English or German bilingual kindergarten and pre-school groups! For further information, please contact us on: +36 30 9588629

We pride ourselves in children being able to enjoy a family-like atmosphere, small sized groups, amazing programmes, trips, art and crafts workshops, sport, fresh air, green garden & delicious food.

Younger children have the option to attend the nursery two or tree times a week!


Games, books, activities, programmes, pre- kindergarten group at Marczibányi square 16., Budapest, 1022.

Please note, new half-day nursery groups and pre-kindergarten groups are starting from September! In these groups, we welcome children from 18 months for 2, 3 or 5 mornings ( 8.30 – 12.30) per week, with lots of games, activities and two meals a day !

In addition to the daily routine and everyday games, the children will learn new songs, poems, counting rhymes, movement activities, art and crafts (drawing, painting, play doh etc.) and other creative games.

Daily routine: 8.00 -9.00 arrival, 9.00-9.30 breakfast, 9.30-12.00 activities, play and outside activities, 12.00-12.30 lunch.

For 2 mornings per week – meals are included in the 35.000 Ft fee/month.